figure out how to play along

figure out how to play along

figure out how to play along

Is light. It presents an excellent behavior in printing and sealing. It is smooth but very porous. The EVA meets all the requirements that it needed to meet to be able to include it as a support for new works. It can be said that it is perfect for expanding the possibilities of the collection.

In the same way that words play with silences to transmit a message, we look for ways to break into different spaces and make something as ethereal as dreaming, beauty, reflection, the unattainable tangible… Since my beginnings I have tried to innovate and take my work to different media, seeking the balance between beauty and functionality applied to interior design.

After many tests, working with EVA has given me enough freedom to be able to ‘play’ not only with colors and images, but also with shapes, with combinations of sizes or with silhouettes.

I invite you to discover all the possibilities it offers.

New materials, new spaces

«We need to get used to the materials of our time, do everything possible to adapt to the spaces in which we live.»

«It is the way to be able to dress any place and moment with emotions. I think that, deep down, we all look for new sensations, new ways of living every day»