easy beauty

easy beauty

Art at the Service of Interior Design

In addition to representing and experimenting with his own creative possibilities and aesthetic approaches, Antonio Mora explores new techniques and materials that seek to surprise, captivate, and at the same time, fulfill functional objectives. Yes, art can be functional. Beauty can also accept an instruction manual. In this case, with simple assembly.

Functionality is a fundamental pillar of design applied to spaces, fashion, or products, as well as architecture… in fact, art and interior design can be complementary disciplines, as art is not only intended to decorate walls, but can also have a functional and practical approach in interior design.

Based on the concept of improving access to art and thanks to a constant activity of innovation and experimentation, Antonio Mora proposes a new mounting system, simple and practical, which allows for easy installation in any space, regardless of the size of the work. The system is to separate the work into manageable modules, which can be transported more easily and do not present any montage problems.

Thus, the artist has taken a medium-sized work in 3D with a crystal finish, which he has separated into four equal-sized modules. And in this way, the work can be transported to any point in the world, minimizing the risk of breaking and without altering the quality and beauty of the final result.

«Innovation in art can be a way to enrich and expand our understanding of the world and ourselves… to inspire new forms of thinking and creativity in others.»

Antonio Mora
Antonio Mora Gallery
embracing uncertainty

embracing uncertainty

embracing uncertainty

According to Federico Garcia Lorca, poetry is the union of two words that one never supposed could come together and that form something like a mystery.
When I do my works I also feel that way.
Fusing two images that one would never have imagined could be put together and that in doing so generate a strange sense of mystery.


Likewise, when we combine sensibilities we double the persistence of beauty.
Fruit of this idea is the collaboration with some poets.

You can know all the theories, master all the techniques, but to touch a human soul you simply have to be another human soul.

Carl Jung