Beauty laboratory

Beauty laboratory

Art converted into a continuous laboratory of Beauty

Antonio Mora Gallery

From the innovative approach of someone who not only plays with visual perception, but also
delves into human emotions and the mysteries of the subconscious, Antonio Mora searches through
the depths of inspiration, discovering his muse in the unexpected, in the dreamlike, in nature
and in the vastness of human experience.

His work challenges the limitations of reality, opening the door to mental landscapes that
question the line that separates the tangible from the abstract.

His art becomes a continuous laboratory of beauty, which transmutes ideas, emotions and
sensations into shapes and colors.

Antonio Mora advocates the need to experience Art. Breaking with conventions and exploring new techniques and media as an essential factor for the growth and evolution of artistic expression.

Like other artists, fundamentally surrealists, he uses the collage technique to fuse disparate elements and transform impossible mixtures into a cohesive and attractive work. All the elements are part of a discourse, a narrative in which the artist puts his imagination in control, juxtaposing images and objects in a surprising and provocative way.

And when the purpose of the work is to illustrate the cover of a book or the cover of a record, the magic becomes transcendent. Antonio Mora anticipates the odyssey predicting sensations, preparing the traveler who wants to explore the depths of the mind and heart.

Opening the door to a journey in which nature, music, literature and interaction with other art forms will turn every moment into an authentic experience.