Soon at Le Bourget airport, (Paris)

Always looking to find a place in space. To maintain that pulse with the air and offer the senses a reason to reflect on memory. Soon the work of Antonio Mora will be part of the space of the Le Bourget airport, in Paris. Defying reality with impossible images. Proposing, once again, a non-linear conception, a multiple and open time where reality coexists with all possible ways of perceiving it, as many as people can experience art and delve into its meaning.

This is not the first time that the artist’s work is part of urban spaces of these characteristics. An opportunity in which he can share his stories with thousands of people. Bring your vision closer to travelers who are waiting, before or after boarding… who walk around the terminal occupying their time… and make it possible, in some way, for all of them to participate in the experience, to delve into their own dreams or even start their own trip, before boarding the plane: letting your imagination run wild.

The works chosen by the airport are: TENDRESSE, TEMPUS FUGIT and FREEDOM and they will be available very soon.