Luz amor y arte

Light, Love, and Art:
Antonio Mora Pays Tribute to Women at the XXVIII Medieval Festival of Elche

The municipality of Elche is adorned with magic and tradition in its twenty-eighth edition of the Medieval Festival, a deeply rooted cultural program that celebrates the richness of the city’s history and identity. This year, Antonio Mora, an artist from Elche, was chosen to illuminate the festival with his unique artistic expression. His three captivating posters not only adorn the heart of the city but also pay tribute to women under the main motto of «Mulier, lux mundi» (Woman is the light of the world), a tribute to their importance in society and community building.

In a profoundly respectful and admiring gesture, Antonio Mora has decided to focus on the figure of women in his posters, something that has been the core of his extensive artistic work. But these are not just artistic portraits; they are tributes to the light, love, and power of women. A tribute that, for one week, the citizens of Elche will witness and participate in through the art and beauty that the posters bring and represent.

Luz, amor y arte
Luz, amor y arte
Three Mottos, Three Perspectives

The posters that embellish the city center and accompany every action in the festival program feature three Latin mottos, each with a unique and touching perspective.

«Omnia vincit amor» reminds us of love’s ability to overcome barriers, highlighting the essential role of women in building loving and lasting relationships.

«Si vis amari, ama» is Seneca’s message that emphasizes the reciprocity of love. A message that transcends genders and becomes a universal reminder inviting us to love in order to be loved, highlighting the empathy and mutual care that women often embody.

«Mulier, lux mundi» celebrates women as a source of light in the world, emphasizing their influence and power to illuminate our lives and communities.

Artistic Expression and Deep Connection to Hometown

Known for his technical skill, Antonio Mora has turned this commission from the municipality of Elche into a meticulous work, as each of the three posters aims to convey a clear message of empathy through women in a high-caliber artistic expression. The artist’s contribution showcases his ability to manipulate and blend digital images, textures, and colors to create striking compositions. It’s a manifestation of his distinctive artistic technique through which he manages to create a sense of depth and emotional evocation in his works.

Every detail in each of the posters, from the selection of base images to the editing and overlay of visual elements, testifies not only to his ability to communicate the beauty and strength of the female figure through technique but also to the love that Antonio Mora holds for his city, Elche, and his unbreakable bond throughout his artistic career.


Luz, amor y arte