aplauso madrid

Antonio Mora contextualizes an unforgettable shopping experience

Art has always been present in the world of commerce in one way or another, its power to create emotional connections with customers, to convey the essence of a brand and to make a store become a unique and memorable space are reasons enough to count on your help and draw a quality customer experience.

Antonio Mora has surprised once again with his latest interior design work, this time he has managed to create a different and attractive world by applying his own vision to retail. On this occasion, Mora has collaborated with the Aplauso shoe chain in the interior decoration of two of its stores located in Madrid. The collaboration between the artist and the brand has been going on for twelve years now, and on this occasion they have managed to create two unique and surprising spaces.

To achieve this result, Antonio Mora has used his personal technique of fusing real and dream elements, creating his own universe that transmits beauty, originality and a vision that never leaves you indifferent.

The artist has accompanied this technique with the choice of furniture, textures and decorative details, in order to achieve a cozy and intimate atmosphere that envelops the customer and achieve an unforgettable shopping experience and a lasting imprint in memory.

Shoe stores in Madrid downtown
Mayor 8
Conde de peñalver 22
Carretas 27
Arenal 22
Fuencarral 3
Bravo Murillo 13
Montera 4
Orense 14
Montera 23
Albufera 76