In a very few days, mylovt.com, Antonio Mora‘s online store, will have a new appearance.

The new website will continue to offer all the work of the artist we love, but now it will be presented in a more modern and elegant space. With a better user experience and a design that we hope you like as much as we do.

The new mylovt.com will be faster and easier to explore, optimized navigation will facilitate the search for works of art, both by title and by category plus all the possibilities that we already offered you before.

To be up to date with all the news, almost as soon as it occurs, we will also offer the possibility to register on the new website. A simple step with which the user will gain access to the artist’s exclusive collection, in addition to bringing the connection between us closer and updating the news that is happening.

After a decade of exclusive and original art, this new website represents a great step forward in our trajectory. It means opening the doors of a new commercial space designed to be enjoyed by everyone.

Thanks to those of you who are part of this community. We love that you are there. Stay tuned. Because the countdown to the new Mylovt.com has begun.