Weaving transformative art

Weaving transformative art

Weaving Transformative Art

Inspiration is the thread with which Antonio Mora intertwines the tangible and the abstract, the transcendental element, the driving force that breathes life into all his creations. Weaving textures, emotions, and dreams like an alchemist in search of the elixir of new sensations, he manages to achieve the most imperfect balance… A masterful process that revolves around inspiration, and we have attempted to discover its origin:

Exploration of Human Duality:
Antonio Mora employs his art to explore the inherent duality in the human experience. His works reflect the interconnection of opposites: the conscious and the unconscious, the tangible and the ephemeral. Inspiration arises from observing the intrinsic complexity in the human psyche and in nature itself.

Fusion of Disparate Elements:
Singularity emanates from the ability to merge disparate elements into a unique visual narrative. He blends human faces with landscapes, animals, or symbolic elements, creating compositions that defy conventions and provoke deep reflection.

Emotion and Subjectivity:
Inspiration seduces emotions, capturing them to express complex moods and feelings. It draws the pursuit of emotional authenticity and the representation of the diversity of human experiences.

Iterative Creative Process: Experimentation with layers, textures, and colors guides his path toward unexpected discoveries. Each work is an evolution, a journey of artistic exploration

Reflection on Identity: The exploration of identity and individuality is a constant source of inspiration in Mora’s art. His digital portraits often challenge preconceived notions of who we are, inviting viewers to question their perception of reality.

Dialogue with the Viewer:
The interaction between the artwork and the viewer is essential in Mora’s creative process. Inspiration comes from the possibility of creating an intimate connection with those who contemplate his art, inviting them to reflect on their own experiences and emotions.

Connection with Nature and the Spiritual:
Antonio Mora’s inspiration also derives from his connection with nature and the spiritual. The incorporation of natural and symbolic elements in his compositions reflects his appreciation for the beauty of the world around him and his search for meaning beyond the tangible.

Beauty laboratory

Beauty laboratory

Art converted into a continuous laboratory of Beauty

Antonio Mora Gallery

From the innovative approach of someone who not only plays with visual perception, but also
delves into human emotions and the mysteries of the subconscious, Antonio Mora searches through
the depths of inspiration, discovering his muse in the unexpected, in the dreamlike, in nature
and in the vastness of human experience.

His work challenges the limitations of reality, opening the door to mental landscapes that
question the line that separates the tangible from the abstract.

His art becomes a continuous laboratory of beauty, which transmutes ideas, emotions and
sensations into shapes and colors.

Antonio Mora advocates the need to experience Art. Breaking with conventions and exploring new techniques and media as an essential factor for the growth and evolution of artistic expression.

Like other artists, fundamentally surrealists, he uses the collage technique to fuse disparate elements and transform impossible mixtures into a cohesive and attractive work. All the elements are part of a discourse, a narrative in which the artist puts his imagination in control, juxtaposing images and objects in a surprising and provocative way.

And when the purpose of the work is to illustrate the cover of a book or the cover of a record, the magic becomes transcendent. Antonio Mora anticipates the odyssey predicting sensations, preparing the traveler who wants to explore the depths of the mind and heart.

Opening the door to a journey in which nature, music, literature and interaction with other art forms will turn every moment into an authentic experience.

easy beauty

easy beauty

Art at the Service of Interior Design

In addition to representing and experimenting with his own creative possibilities and aesthetic approaches, Antonio Mora explores new techniques and materials that seek to surprise, captivate, and at the same time, fulfill functional objectives. Yes, art can be functional. Beauty can also accept an instruction manual. In this case, with simple assembly.

Functionality is a fundamental pillar of design applied to spaces, fashion, or products, as well as architecture… in fact, art and interior design can be complementary disciplines, as art is not only intended to decorate walls, but can also have a functional and practical approach in interior design.

Based on the concept of improving access to art and thanks to a constant activity of innovation and experimentation, Antonio Mora proposes a new mounting system, simple and practical, which allows for easy installation in any space, regardless of the size of the work. The system is to separate the work into manageable modules, which can be transported more easily and do not present any montage problems.

Thus, the artist has taken a medium-sized work in 3D with a crystal finish, which he has separated into four equal-sized modules. And in this way, the work can be transported to any point in the world, minimizing the risk of breaking and without altering the quality and beauty of the final result.

«Innovation in art can be a way to enrich and expand our understanding of the world and ourselves… to inspire new forms of thinking and creativity in others.»

Antonio Mora
Antonio Mora Gallery
the glass

the glass

art at home

the glass

As an interior designer I have always been attracted by the possibilities of applying images to glass. I always tend to experiment with all kinds of techniques and materials, of course also on glass.

For its nobility and for what it brings to interior design, providing transparency and elegance to my works.

We inaugurate a new way of using printed glass in interiors where the arts acquire greater relevance and allow the rooms where I apply them to acquire even more expressiveness and emotion.


art at home

room dividers

«There comes a time when it is necessary to abandon the used clothes that already have the shape of our body and forget the roads that always take us to the same places.».
Fernando Pessoa

Printed ribbed glass. 
Fittings, lacquered iron, brass effect.

art at home

table tops

Sometimes details go unnoticed.
This is not one of those times.

Table Tops

Table Nostalgique,
lacquered iron and glass.

Table Tops

Table legs, natural wood.
Top printed glass. 10mm thick.

Table Tops

Table Red & Strona. Glass and Iron. 250×100 cm
Domingo Ródenas Garden. Elche Soain

Table Tops

Table legs, lacauered iron.
Top printed glass. 10mm thick.

art at home

glass wall murals

Give yourself the pleasure of living with elements that will provide you with different and impressive sensations.

Custom Mural, Shower area, in Ben Aron home, Tel Aviv, Israel 

Abstract black, Multifaceted mural made with pieces of printed glass and wood.

figure out how to play along

figure out how to play along

figure out how to play along

Is light. It presents an excellent behavior in printing and sealing. It is smooth but very porous. The EVA meets all the requirements that it needed to meet to be able to include it as a support for new works. It can be said that it is perfect for expanding the possibilities of the collection.

In the same way that words play with silences to transmit a message, we look for ways to break into different spaces and make something as ethereal as dreaming, beauty, reflection, the unattainable tangible… Since my beginnings I have tried to innovate and take my work to different media, seeking the balance between beauty and functionality applied to interior design.

After many tests, working with EVA has given me enough freedom to be able to ‘play’ not only with colors and images, but also with shapes, with combinations of sizes or with silhouettes.

I invite you to discover all the possibilities it offers.

New materials, new spaces

«We need to get used to the materials of our time, do everything possible to adapt to the spaces in which we live.»

«It is the way to be able to dress any place and moment with emotions. I think that, deep down, we all look for new sensations, new ways of living every day»